Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Practice Makes Perfect

As mentioned in my previous post, it is important to be consistent.  To improve your skills it is essential to practice on a daily basis.  It takes time to become good at selling products especially door to door.  In order to enhance your sales productivity one must be able to acquire skills as a salesperson.  The necessary skills required to be a successful salesperson include the following.

First, you should be able to present yourself in a professional manner.  To do this you should know how to dress as a successful person.  Remember that first impression means a lot when you are in sales.  It is the initial contact you have with your customer and your appearance could make a big difference when you are trying to develop a rapport to your potential buyer.

It is essential to know what suits you best.  Remember that you are representing the company.  Dressing as a professional is needed.  Having a good selection of wardrobe is necessary.  The nice suits, neckties and shoes are necessary accessories.  Being able to matching your shoes and dress requires considerable trial and error before perfecting your skills.  Experience will be the best teacher.  Doing it as part of your daily routine helps you develop an eye for color schemes and combinations.

The second thing that you must remember is the best way to approach your prospect.  Selling products in a door to door basis requires you to create innovative ways  to effectively approach clients.  Good opening lines and facilitating skills are necessary.  The thing to take note when having a conversation is what is of interest to your client.  This will increase the probability of increased sales because he will provide you the opening you needed to deliver your message.

Making the conversation interesting will make the mood lighter.  This will make it easier for you to communicate (listen and learn) because the customer is letting his guard down.  Injecting jokes or humor in your conversation eases the tension not only for you but for you client as well.  This applies to clients you speak to online, or in your marketing messages you send out.  You need to know what it is your client is looking for before you can tell them about the benefits it will bring them.

The last but certainly not the least thing to remember is to close
.  Closing a deal is crucial when you are selling door to door.   You may not have a second chance.  It is different online where a customer may read the material 5 or 6 times before making a decision to buy.

However, if it is not possible to close right away, make an appointment right away.  You could set an appointment within a few days.  Do not let it pass a week without making any follow up.  The chances of sales will decrease if you set appointments more than one week.  The client will either forget about the appointment or lose interest.  That is why it is important to send out follow up emails as well.

To be the best salesperson you must make sure that you practice your selling skills consistently.  Talk to people and move around.  Action produces results.

Do not be afraid to make mistakes because you will learn from it.  When you stumble, stand up and move forward.  It is not how many times you fell but rather on how many times you stood up.  Your skills will improve through time and when they do, expect that there will be increase sales. 

To your marketing success

Fran Watson

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