Friday, 26 February 2016

4 Key Areas to Work On


I just listened to Matthew Grave's first Periscope video on the 4 key areas to work on for your internet business.

They are 1) work on yourself - learn and train
2) get exposure
3) convert your visitors
4) engage your visitors

For a fuller description of each of these, click here

To your business success!!

Fran Watson 

P.S. Matthew is starting a new Inner Circle and has a few spaces left... Check it out here if you are interested and willing to work to build your business.
All you have to do is to send an email to and he will send you a link that gives access right into his calendar so you can pick a day and time that works for you. Once next weekend comes, he can't guarantee when he will be able to do this again.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Getting People To Buy From Your Site

Getting People To Buy From Your Site Researched & Written by Karen Barnes  

Q: How can I get people to buy from my Affiliate Website?
A: The answer to this question has been debated by the top marketers to the newest of marketers on what does and does not work. The pros and cons of marketing products to buyers range from the use of free-for-all sites to traffic exchanges to free advertising to pay-per-clicks and the list goes on. What every marketer needs to do is to decide which of the products they want to try to sell. You then will need to learn everything about the product you are trying to sell, purchase and try it for yourself, and then write your own sales copy for this product from your own personal experience.

You will need to know how the product works, what the advantages and disadvantages are, the price, and how your customer can contact support or yourself with any questions or concerns they have about your product. They basically want to know everything that you wanted to know about the product when you purchased it for the first time. Then you will need to do some research on the clientele that will be most attracted to your product. After all you wouldn’t want to sell car mechanic tools to a chef. Trying to sell mechanics tools to a chef would produce some very bad results: a waste of your marketing time and money from marketing to a group of people to whom this particular product would have no interest.

Each product has a specific group of people who will want to purchase the product. Here are some tips for improving both first-time and repeat sales
: • Target your market is one of the top things you should do when advertising products for sale.
 • Have specific details about your product in your ad or on your own Website.
 • Use various marketing sites both online and offline for massive action.
 • Follow up with prospects when they email you with questions.
 • Follow up with your customer after the sale; this is a guaranteed way to have repeat sales and to improve customer relations with referrals from your customers.
 • Keep up-to-date with current trends on products and marketing to keep your sales recurring.
 • Remember if you are selling seasonal items, make sure that you are selling in the correct season to gain the most from your promotions. If you have any stock left over at the end of any season, create clearance prices to move your remaining stock for new products for the next season.
 • Last but not least, test your headlines, sales copy and keep track of where you are advertising. This way you will know which ads and places that you are advertising are producing the desired results. This allows you to spend your marketing dollars more effectively and eliminate expenditures where they do little good.  

Q: What is customer service?
A: Customer service is when you give your current and potential customers the best possible service. It includes both the way you interact personally with your customers as well as the way you solve their problems.  

Q: Why is it so important?
A: Customer service should always be your top priority. The quality of your customer service can make or break your business. Great customer service will bring you repeat customers and new customers. Bad customer service can make you lose your customers and potential customers.  

Q: How can I improve on this myself?
A: You can improve your customer service by really listening to what your customer wants and needs. Being responsive to their wants and needs is what keeps you in business.

 Q: How can I go the extra mile for my customers?
A: As I just mentioned, you can start by listening to their wants and needs. Once you have found these two ingredients out, give them what they want and need.  

Q: What are the key objectives to customer service?
A: There are four basic keys to great customer service:
 1. Remember that your customers are GREAT. Treat your customers like they are royalty-this will go a long way towards making them feel special.
 2. Give them the products or service (if your business is a service business such as internet service or web hosting service) plus a little. Give them something a little more. Provide polite and prompt answers to their questions and concerns. If you don't carry what they are looking for, let them know who does. You might lose that sale, but you could gain a customer and friend for a long time.
 3. Make sure your prices are good. Be in line with or below your competitors. Competitive prices show your customers you value their business.
 4. Provide a top notch shopping experience. A great shopping experience makes them want to return.

Even if you are a service or online business, make sure that you give them your absolute attention when they come to you with questions and concerns and offer correct and prompt replies. This type of customer service will then lead your current customers into recommending your service and product to their friends. Word-of-mouth advertising can be the greatest asset provided by your loyal customers. In short, with customer service, "Just Give 'Em The Pickle." Don't charge for something that you normally don't charge for, don't forget the daily little things that you offer your customers, and, above all, smile-even if you're on the telephone. They can "hear" your smile. Treat your customers as though they were your friends and you will be rewarded with their continued business.

To your business success

Fran Watson 

Thursday, 11 February 2016



If you have been doing some internet marketing for a while, you have probably heard about SFI - Strong Futures International.

If you are new to the internet marketing world, you might not have heard of this company.  So what is it and why should I care?

SFI has been around for 18 years.  They have a plan in place to help every affiliate earn.  They provide training, opportunities to sponsor new members and grow your team.  They even have some exciting events like Pricebender auctions, card games, sports trivia and more.

Click here to check out the main offer.  You can join for free, get all the training for free, connect with other SFI members, download music and much, much more.

To your business success

Fran Watson

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Key Areas to Work on in Your Business

As you may have noticed, I have been promoting a number of Matthew Graves videos lately.  That's because he has been providing some excellent tips on how to build a business online.

In this video he talks about 1) building yourself 2) building your list 3) building trust and converting prospects 4) adding value

Check out this periscope video

To your marketing success

Fran Watson

P.S.  To check out Webizinsider that Matthew mentioned, Click here 

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Helpful Tips for Internet Marketers

I haven't written for some time, and for that I apologize.  I have been working on my Internet Marketing, learning new things, exploring options and further developing my current business opportunities.

For the past month, I have been following Matthew Graves' blogs and periscope projects, learning more and more about marketing.

I have also been getting more knowledgeable about SFI - Strong Futures International - developing my business on a daily basis and working with my team.  SFI has come up with some unique ideas to help me, and others build a strong business with the ability to market a variety of products and build downlines to help build a profit.   I have been earning monthly and building my business by completing daily tasks, working step by step to accomplish what needs to be done.

There is so much helpful information to be found within SFI and also with Matthew Graves that it will take time to absorb everything.

Why don't you join me?  Just click on the two links above (or below) and you will be able to learn what I am learning.

To your business success

Fran Watson

P.S.  Here are the links - Click here for SFI

Click here for Matthew Graves